Your Back To School Checklist for Music Students!

We’re kicking off a brand new school year at Metro Music Makers, and we are thrilled! We’ve got so many good plans for this year, some amazing new teachers have joined our staff, and we are eager to get started.  Our teachers, therapists and admin staff are working hard to get ready, so we thought we’d share some ideas for helping students get ready, too! We give you our Metro Music Makers back to school checklist for music students (and their parents):

1.  Make sure your instrument and other equipment is ready to go.  Now’s the time to have your piano tuned, change out those old guitar strings, and tune your drum heads. Ask your teacher about any other regular maintenance that might be required for your instrument.

2.  Clean and organize your lesson/practice space.  Has your piano become a spot for dropping things as you go about your day? Has your lessons space been used for other activities over the Summer? Clear it out! A clean, organized space will help your student stay focused, and it’s a good opportunity to teach them about treating their instrument, their lesson/practice space and their time with their teacher with respect. Consider letting your student choose something inspirational to put on the wall or on top of the piano!

3.  Take a trip to your local music store and pick out some fun songbooks or sheet music. Your teacher can help guide you in this if you aren’t sure which pieces are on the right level for your student.  Allowing students to choose music they like in addition to the curriculum chosen by your teacher can go a long way towards keeping them interested and motivated.

4. Consider investing in some “extras” that can help every student: Does your student have a metronome? A small digital recorder so they can hear themselves play? A high quality tuner for their instrument? A music stand for guitar, violin or drum students? A notebook for the teacher to record assignments and notes? Ask your teacher if you aren’t sure what additional items might be most helpful for your student.

5. Make sure that you have your teacher’s contact information stored in your phone, and that they have all of your contact information stored in theirs. Last minute crises and changes can happen on both ends, so make sure that you can reach each other at any time!

6. Speaking of staying in touch, make sure that you are opening and reading our weekly newsletter, Metro Music Makers News on Tuesday! Check that it’s not going into your spam folder, and be sure to read it thoroughly when it comes. Everything you need to know is included each week along with some fun and helpful extras.

Check these six items off your list, and you’ll be ready for a year of fun and success. We’ll see you there!

What do you do to get your student ready and excited for a new year of lessons? Tell us all about it in the comments!


Sara R. Longwell, M.M.Ed, MT-BC

Community Relations Manager & Music Therapy Specialist


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